Editor choice

Apple is launching a dedicated Editor’s Choice section on the App Store

Last week, Apple replaced the many “App of the X” promotions it ran on the App Store with an “Editor’s Choice” banner. Now, it has expanded the banner into a dedicated section for innovative apps and entertaining games, Macrumors reports.

The section is populated by two sections, one displaying the “new” choices that have been made and the other displaying the old apps featured in the section.

Apple says the section is compiled by “recognizing the most innovative apps and most entertaining games as Editor’s Choice picks.” It indicates that users should check to find out recently launched apps and past choices.

Presumably, this is done so that Apple has more flexibility with when it announces these featured apps and how long it leaves them in place. He also clarifies that the choices are made by the iTunes editorial team. Yes there is and yes they choose most of these apps.

Apple also recently started promoting an “app of the week” each week that is given away for free. It’s unclear whether these apps voluntarily lower their costs to free in order to be featured or whether they are paid for by Apple. You can see the new Editor’s Choice section here. This week’s free app is Snapseed, an excellent iOS photo editor.