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Best Free Video Metadata Editor Software for Windows 10

Video metadata is the information from the video that helps people identify it. This information is embedded in the tags of a video such as artist, album, actors, director of photography, description, title, etc. If you want to edit video metadata tags on Windows 10, you can use free software. Here I will mention 6 options for free video metadata editor software for Windows 10. These software are used to view, edit, add or delete video metadata. Let’s check them out!

Free Video Metadata Editor Software for Windows 10

Here are the best free video metadata editing software for Windows 10 PC:

  1. TigoTago
  2. EasyTAG
  3. Machete Video Editor Lite
  4. MKVToolNix
  5. AbcAVI tag editor
  6. FFmpeg

Check Out The Details Of These Free Software Below!


TigoTago is a free video and audio metadata editor for Windows 10. It allows you to edit tags for videos of three popular formats which are MP4, WMV and AVI. As for audio files, it supports many formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, etc.

It comes with a spreadsheet-like interface where you see multiple columns of tags. You can edit the tags by clicking on the respective tag column. It allows you to add generic and advanced metadata to a video, such as title, rating, genre, director, producer, creator, music by, costumer, URL, country, and much more. It also provides a Edit in advance ability to edit additional video tags. After changing the metadata of the video, use its To safeguard function to save metadata in video.


EasyTAG is free software for Windows 10 to edit tags in audio and video files. It supports many audio formats for markup, but for editing video metadata, it only allows you to import MP4 videos. You can add many tags to MP4 videos using it, such as title, artist, album, genre, comment, copyright, etc.

To edit video metadata, browse and import MP4 video files using its built-in file browser. After that just insert new tags and then save the changes to the video metadata using sound File> Save Files option.

3]Machete Video Editor Lite

Machete Video Editor Lite is another video metadata editing software for Windows 10. It allows you to edit the tags of AVI and WMV video files.

To edit video metadata through this software, open a video file and then click File> Tag Editor option. You will see a tag editor dialog window where you can add or edit some tags like URL, track number, title, artist, album, date, genre, and comment. After the editing of the video tags is finished, press the OK button and the edited metadata will be saved in the video.

It provides a few video editing options including Delete all audio, Insert file at current position, Cut video, etc.


MKVToolNix is ​​a video tag editing software for Windows 10. Using it, you can edit the metadata for Matroska (MKV) and WebM video files. It provides a Header editor tool to let you edit the information of the video. Just go to its Header Editor tab and import a video and you can edit various tags including title, date, track number, video projection info, language, etc. Make sure to activate Add item option to add a new tag value.

Besides the video metadata editing tool, it also provides Chapter editor, multiplexer, and more features.

5]abcAVI tag editor

abcAVI Tag Editor is free AVI video metadata editing software for Windows. Apart from AVI, it does not support any other video format. You can open an AVI video file and then start adding tags to the respective fields. It allows you to modify general tags, movie credits, keywords, scan info, logo url, banner image url, and some other information. You can just open an AVI video file and then edit the video tags. Finally, use the Save changes option to save all modified values.

It offers a useful feature to search movie information from IMDb.


FFmpeg is command-based software for Windows for editing video metadata. It is mainly used for viewing, converting and editing audio and video files. Using it, you can edit video metadata for various file formats including MP4, AVI, MKV, WMV, etc.

To use it, you will need to run it through the command prompt and enter a command in order to change the video tags. Let’s see how.

Edit Video Metadata Using Command Line With FFmpeg

To edit the video metadata, download FFmpeg from ffmpeg.org and extract the downloaded ZIP folder.

Then open the extracted folder, navigate to its bin subfolder where FFmpeg.exe is present and open the command prompt in that folder. In the CMD, enter:

ffmpeg -i video.mp4 -metadata title="value" video.mp4

In the above command, replace video.mp4 with the path and file name of your video and Title with the metadata tag field you want to edit.

For example:

ffmpeg -i C:twc-video.avi -metadata title="TheWindowsClub" C:twc-video.avi

hurry Enter to run the command and it will change the metadata of the video in a while.

Hope you find the list useful.

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