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Borrell: Hashemite Guard ‘Critical’ to Preserve Jerusalem’s Holy Sites | editors Choice

Ammon News – The High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell, underlined the importance of the Hashemite guardianship over the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem and its role ” remarkable” in the preservation of these sacred places.

In his interview with “Petra” on Saturday, he noted that Jordan is a “major” factor in stabilizing the situation in the region, and plays an “important” role, which is appreciated and supported by the European Union in bringing regional peace and stability.

In this regard, Borrell referred to the continued coordination, talks and meetings between the two parties to this end.

In 2002, he said that the European Union and Jordan had signed an association agreement, and that the Kingdom was the first Mediterranean partner country to conclude technical negotiations, which led to Amman’s “advanced status” with the EU in 2010.

Economically, Borrell said the EU was Jordan’s “biggest” trading partner, accounting for 14.7% of its trade in 2020, noting that 20.6% of Jordanian imports came from the bloc and 2 .1% of Jordanian exports were destined for EU markets. .

In 2020, he announced that the total trade in goods between Jordan and the EU was €3.4 billion.

Jordan and the EU have a “strong” mutual partnership, and the Kingdom is the first country in the southern neighborhood of the bloc to sign the new partnership priorities, he added.

Furthermore, he referred to the talks held at the Dead Sea last Thursday, which reflected “the distinguished relations, strong partnership and continued friendship between the two sides.”

Highlighting the priorities of the partnership with Jordan for the years to come, he said that its pillars are based on key sectors of regional stability and security, including the fight against terrorism and economic stability, which are important for achieving to political stability, strengthen and promote good governance, democratic reforms and rights.

The EU, he noted, will support the priorities of the partnership, regional cooperation and the development of renewable energies, energy efficiency and the management of water resources, including support for the pumping of water from the Red Sea in Amman in an innovative project within the framework of the European investment plan.