Editor choice

Editor’s Choice for the Northwest Suburbs

Mike Sesterhenn won the 2021 Holiday Lights Editor’s Choice award for the Northwest Suburb. His home is at 924 W. Oxford Court, Palatine.

Q: How long have you been decorating your house like this?

A: About 35 years old.

Q: What made you go all out for your decorations?

A: I love the lights and love to bring the holiday spirit to anyone who sees the house.

Q: How many hours does it take to install the screen?

A: About 35-40 hours.

Q: How many string lights are involved?

A: Approximately 20,000 individual lights, with more to come each year.

Q: How much does your electricity bill go up in December?

A: Almost double, or a bit less, since I started switching to LED lights last year.

Q: What do your neighbors think of your display?

A: They love it and are always amazed and grateful at how our cul-de-sac looks.