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Editor’s Choice for the week of September 21, 2021 – PCT

Back Row: Jay Everitt, ACE, Rottler Lawn & Pest Solutions; Ted Thorpe, ACE, Pit Bull Pest Control; Alex Blahnik, CEA, Terminix Commercial; Santos Portugal, ECB, ABC Home & Commercial Services; Jim Nase, ACE, Interior Exterior Moyer; David Moore, BCE, Dodson Pest Control; Jeff Weier, BCE, Sprague Pest Solutions; Bart Foster, BCE, Bill Clark Pest Control, Inc.; Christian Wilcox, CEA, McCauley Services; Corey Goeltzenleuchter, PHE, McCall Services; Mark VanderWerp, BCE, Rose Pest solutions Seated: Rolie Calzadilla, CWCP, Pest Wildlife Pro; Tom Myers, BCE, all-rites pest control; Ashley Roden, ECB, Sprague Pest Solutions; Mark “Shep” Sheperdigian, BCE, Rose Pest Solutions

The Urban Pest Control Technical Committee (UPMTC) first met in August as a self-guided nonprofit with a visit to the Rollins Urban & Structural Entomology Center at Texas A&M University.

COLLEGE STATION, Texas – The Urban Pest Control Technical Committee (UPMTC) first met in August as a nonprofit, self-guided society with a visit to the Rollins Urban & Structural Entomology Center at Texas A&M University .

After the Copesan Technical Committee (CTC) was shut down in 2020 following the acquisition of Copesan by Terminix in 2018, its former members wanted to find a way to continue the interaction and support they were receiving from the group and decided to create an independent, non-profit corporation.

As a diverse network of pest control technical experts, its members include technical directors, trainers, quality assurance managers and consultants from established pest control companies across the country. The mission of the committee is to support its members in professional development by sharing ideas and best practices from their different companies. They will also provide a broad industry perspective to the researchers and manufacturers they visit. The group provides support and advice to these members at the start of their careers and, for those with experience, allows them to share what they have learned.

In addition to monthly Zoom meetings, UPMTC meets in person to visit the people and places that most influence our industry. Jay Everitt, ACE, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions, St. Louis, MO is the Founding Chairman and says of the group, “I’m glad we were able to make this possible. The learning and mentoring I found from these people was a more valuable education than any course I could have taken. With destinations that include universities that are urban entomology centers, government agencies, manufacturing facilities, and member locations, members are exposed to the cutting edge of urban pest control. Mark “Shep” Sheperdigian, Board Member, BCE, Vice President of Technical Services, Rose Pest Solutions, Troy, MI, says of the group, “We meet where the gravitational pull is greatest. and affects the tides of our industry.”

Membership is by invitation. To find out more, you can contact the Urban Pest Control Technical Committee at www.upmtc.org and they can also be found on FaceBook and LinkedIn.