Editor choice

Editor’s Choice in DuPage County

Daniel Wagner is the Daily Herald Editor’s Choice Holiday Lights 2021 winner for DuPage County. His home is at 1926 Hampton Drive in Wheaton.

Q: How long have you been decorating your house like this?

A: Christmas time is all about kids, so having triplets, plus one, it was natural for us to celebrate all the holidays.

Q: What made you go all out for your decorations?

A: Life gets very busy and decoration acts as a sort of signpost for all of us to stop and remember to celebrate the blessings we have.

Q: How many hours does it take to install the screen?

A: 30 hours

Q: How many string lights are involved?

A: 18,000 individual lights, 23 separate light effects, 22 magnifications, 19 illuminated floor displays

Q: How much does your electricity bill go up in December?

A: Since the vast majority of light fixtures are LED, our electric bill is only $200 more per month.

Q: What do your neighbors think of your display?

A: Our neighborhood has seen more families move in with smaller children. And every time a neighbor thanks us or mentions that our display means a lot to their children, it inspires us to go buy more decorations.