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Learn Piano with this AI-powered Editor’s Choice App Store subscription

Whether you want to revive your long-lost musical talent or pursue a long-held dream of learning piano, this lifetime subscription to Skoove Premium Piano Lessons will teach you how to tickle ivories.

The popular app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch uses an engaging blend of interactive lessons, songs, and artificial intelligence to help you learn to play the piano. Moreover, you can get this subscription for an extra 20% off with the Mother’s Day promo code WELOVEMOM.

The modern way to learn to play the piano

Unlike traditional piano lessons, where your progress can be slow and the lessons tend to be classical or conceptual, Skoove is designed so that you really want to practice. Of course, you will acquire the skills to play notes and chords. But you will also learn the techniques necessary to play your favorite songs perfectly.

This app offers piano and keyboard lessons ideal for all skill levels. So whether you are a beginner new to musical concepts or an advanced player looking to hone your skills, Skoove has you covered.

The app was presented by Forbes, The Guardian, Wired and more (it was even an Apple publisher’s choice). Why? Because it creatively uses cutting-edge AI to give you one-on-one, personalized feedback and personalized lesson plans.

The Skoove app adapts to you and your individual progress. First of all, you will learn to play your favorite songs. Then the app will give you targeted lessons based on your game to help you improve.

You have access to 400 lessons and thousands of instructional videos that you can access anytime. And with a lifetime subscription to Skoove, you’ll have plenty of time to master everything from classics (like Bach, Beethoven, Debussy, and Mozart) to hits from your favorite contemporary musicians (like John Legend, The Beatles, Coldplay, and Adele). You’ll even develop the skills to improvise and compose your own melodies – or recognize tunes and play them by ear.

Save on Skoove Premium Piano Lessons

Get this Skoove Premium Piano Lesson: Lifetime Membership for $ 119.99 (usually $ 299) with code WELOVEMOM.

Prices subject to change.