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LiquidText, the Microsoft Store Editor’s Choice award-winning note-taking and reading app for Windows productivity

LiquidText becomes the first document reading, note-taking and analysis app to win Editor’s Choice in the Apple and Microsoft app stores.

NEW YORK, June 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — For professionals whose work involves the analysis of complex sets of documents, LiquidText is a unique and innovative active reading and note-taking tool that allows you to collect all your documents, annotations and notes in a unified project workspace. Most remarkably, LiquidText lets you make live connections to, between, and within anything in the project by simply drawing lines. Create a live relationship map across all your source documents and notes, always accessible with a single click.

Combine this functionality with a patented, award-winning user interface widely recognized as best-in-class for touch and ink while supporting keyboard, trackpad and mouse, and you’ll see why LiquidText is quickly becoming the document analysis tool of choice for lawyers, engineering companies, life science and medical research professionals, academics, forensic analysts, students, consultants, executives and more.

“We are truly honored to be recognized by both Microsoft and Apple as one of the leading productivity software tools for knowledge workers,” said Dr. Craig S. Tashman, founder and CEO of LiquidText. “Our Windows version and cross-platform synchronization service has made this a transformational year for LiquidText where the corporate and government spaces have woken up, with multiple very large deployments of our platform occurring in government, legal organizations demonstrating the compelling productivity and decision support benefits provided by LiquidText.”

Link to Microsoft’s announcement: https://blogs.windows.com/windowsdeveloper/2022/05/27/announcing-the-microsoft-store-app-awards-winners/

Craig TashmanFounder and CEO, LiquidText, Inc.
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