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Midwest Home Announces 2021 Luxury Home Tour Editor’s Choice

Nor-Son Custom Builders

Photo by Spacecrafting

Editor Katelyn Bloomquist

Photo by Darin Kamnetz

The demands of this year’s Luxury Home Tour hit our team like a freight train. With other events of our company such as Minnesota monthly‘s GrillFest and Fine Spirits Classic taking place just a few weeks before, it feels like we haven’t taken a deep breath in months. Much like other small but powerful teams, the aftermath of the ongoing pandemic has required us to produce content at a breakneck pace, respond to emails long after office hours are over, and plan (not to mention d ‘cancel) calls and meetings on a whim. . But on July 30, the first day that Luxury Home Tour attendees savored the opportunity to see, feel and experience our 20th annual event, we all came to a clear consensus: it was worth it. To date, I am amazed that we have taken nearly 15,000 discerning people through the doors of 16 multi-million dollar homes across the Twin Cities metro and beyond, surpassing our best year ever by over 40%. the history of Luxury Home Tour.

In fact, the pride I felt that Friday afternoon continued to worsen as I reflected on what it really means for the best in the home industry to put their trust and reputation in our hands. . There is a certain weight that comes with it, but I think the responsibility and the reward are a whole. As I approach my first birthday at the helm of Midwestern House, I feel this pressure because my role now includes the task of choosing a house to be nicknamed Editor’s Choice.

To say that I looked into this decision is an understatement, because the remarkable work I have witnessed this year was incredible. For example, I loved the Mediterranean-style mansion of Hartman Homes in Hudson, the waterfront home of Sustainable 9 Design + Build in Hugo, and the modern masterpiece of Trestle Homes near Lake Harriet. But ultimately I based this decision on what I felt in my heart to best represent the true spirit of Midwestern House.

My Luxury Home Tour 2021 Editor’s Pick goes to Nor-Son Custom Builders’ California Escape on St. Albans Bay, a home gorgeous in both make-up and feel as artisans and craftsmen alike. Small business owners located there are the reason that home really feels like home. When I first visited the Greenwood mansion and met Mollie (the owner who also served as an interior designer), everything from the living room tapestry to the sink bar backsplash had a story. A doer. A memory. It’s something that I love about design, and something that I believe takes a beautiful home and makes it unforgettable.

As this year’s equally momentous event slowly slips into the rearview mirror, I realized that the lyrics to Sara Jackson-Holman’s 2012 track, “Freight Train,” ironically capture how I feel. She sings, “What’s a little pain when you have so much to love?” Because despite the fair share of tiffs and hard times we (not just our team but our loyal readers, Luxury Home Tour attendees, small business owners and everyone) have collectively endured in recent times, we have persevered in the name of passion, pride and commitment to our beloved design-build community.

And so, it seems entirely appropriate to dedicate this Luxury Home Tour commemorative issue to those who have continued to fight over the past 18 months to keep doing what they love every day, even when the train is not running. ‘is not stopped.