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Nolan’s “Top 5” for 2021

Editor’s Choice I-Connect007: Nolan’s “Top 5” for 2021

We’ve been curating our Editors’ Picks for about 18 months now, more or less, and readers have certainly embraced them. In our daily newsletter, the Friday Editor’s Pick column is often one of the most read stories that week.

As a result, we thought it would be fun at the end of the year to take a different approach. This week, I’m posting the five most read Editor’s Choice articles compiled by my co-editor Nolan Johnson. Sounds like a good way to look back on the year, doesn’t it? So much happened in the last year that I couldn’t believe it once I started looking back.

Nolan and I certainly love bringing you these “must read” articles. It is gratifying to see that you too, dear reader, enjoy reading them. Good year!

Editor’s Choice I-Connect007: Five Must-Reads of the Week
Posted on January 22

This week’s news revealed all the indicators that we have started a new calendar year. The news channels were busy with changes in management – both corporate and governmental – and changes in ownership. Representation changes too. Honestly, it was hard to sort the news into just five main items. Either way, here are five things we think you should read, even if you’re not reading anything else about the electronics manufacturing industry this week: trade show coverage, strategic acquisitions, market discussion and government advocacy.

Editor’s Choice I-Connect007: Five Must-Reads of the Week
Posted on January 8

It’s a new year, and a time for new resolutions and new beginnings. “New year, new you” is certainly reflected in the news over the past week. We have seen several announcements regarding mergers, acquisitions and organizational changes, as well as government legislation to help start the new year. Based on viewing activity, readers were eager to follow the changes taking place.

Editor’s Choice I-Connect007: Five Must-Reads of the Week
Posted on February 19

Nolan was following NASA’s Perseverance Mars landing procedures as he completed his top five list for the week. The successful landing of the lander seems to be a beautiful highlight of this week. Our global aerospace programs, both national and private, make these missions seem almost, almost routine. They are, as we all know, anything but routine. So it’s no surprise that aerospace-related news has moved to the forefront of our readers’ minds this week.

Editor’s Choice I-Connect007: Five Must-Reads of the Week
Posted May 14

There was, increasingly, a sense of returning to the “normal” everyday life where Nolan lives. Of the state’s population, 35% had been immunized against the coronavirus at the time this list was published. Closures were lifted, schools were partially reopened and even some offices were in the process of re-staffing. But how has this affected the electronics industry. Click the link to see what made the news in mid-May.

Editor’s Choice I-Connect007: Five Must-Reads of the Week
Posted April 16

In the spring, Mars seemed to be exactly where it was. This was reflected in our media coverage. There were the Mars rovers – three generations of which are still rolling now – and a drone helicopter that is gearing up for a maiden flight any day now. But that’s not all. There was SpaceX’s StarShip, rapidly prototyping its way to manned flight to Mars. And the whole NASA “moon return” project was just a blow to the Mars flight hardware of US government contractors.