Editor choice


PuttOUT’s Premium Pressure Putt Trainer received the Golf Monthly Editor’s Choice Award for 2022 due to its effectiveness in puttingt practice by providing a realistic test for club golfers. This latest achievement adds to the three Golf Digest awards and two MyGolfSpy awards that PuttOUT has already won.

Since the success of the Classic Pressure Putt Trainer in 2017, PuttOUT has worked to improve the look and performance of the product for customers. When developing the new Premium Trainer, the London-based category-leading company drew on feedback ranging from direct customer inquiries to renowned trainers such as Mark Crossfield and Matt Lockey.

In addition to a significantly improved aesthetic, the trainer is equipped with new features:

  • An alignment stick holder that is inspired by the commonly used putting drill “The String Drill” – but instead of a string raised above the players line of putt, it is replaced by a stick stronger alignment.
  • Three mid-point targets, allowing the golfer to focus and use them as another target. It is especially useful for golfers who prefer to aim behind the cup on putts or allow the player to adjust to slight breaks in the putting surface.
  • An extremely more visible “pop-down” target that replaces the micro flip-up target based on feedback from players who noted that they sometimes lost the aiming point from a standing position.

The PuttOUT Premium Pressure Putt Trainer retails for $39.99.

Distributed worldwide by Second Chance Ltd.

For more information please contact:

George Bradshaw
Marketing Coordinator – Second Chance
[email protected]