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This Apple Editor’s Choice award-winning app simplifies working with PDFs

As any working professional will tell you, PDFs, or Adobe’s Portable Document Format, are now the norm in many industries.

When it comes to viewing, editing, signing, and sharing documents, PDFs are likely involved.

They are super simple to send and receive via email, unfortunately nothing more, eg signing and adding notes, can be complicated for strangers and involve premium subscriptions.

Luckily, there’s the $30 PDF Expert, an Apple Editors’ Choice winner, to help you navigate and master PDFs.

In their review, Apple editors called PDF Expert “a complete powerhouse that makes it easy to organize, annotate, and edit your PDF library.”

With PDF Expert you can edit essential files like a pro, add signatures, merge and split pages, add password and much more.

This last element is quite crucial, especially when dealing with sensitive or classified information.

You’ll be able to share your PDFs across multiple iPhones, iPads, and Macs, as well as clients, colleagues, and just about anyone else remotely.

Consider all the benefits and time you would save by going all digital. With PDF Expert, you can fill out a job application or a 1099 tax form without having to turn on your printer, or relearn how to use a scanner. Pretty handy, right?

Best of all, this license can be used on three different devices and offers multiple language options, including German, Spanish, Italian, and French, to name a few.

Typically, this software will cost you around $80. But with this limited-time offer, you can take 62% off the retail price, bringing the price down to just $29.99 (and you can use the software for life). For small business owners and any other working professional, this is an especially great purchase and a handy tool to have, especially when working from home.

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