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UNICEF-funded Azem project launches agroecological business park in Madaba | editors Choice

Ammon news – The UNICEF-funded Azem project has set up the first agroecological business park, a startup incubator for young people, in Madaba.

The Azem project provides economic support to create jobs and self-employment opportunities.

The Business Development Center (BDC), Madaba Governorate and Keys for Sustainable Development Company have signed a partnership agreement to jointly implement the project, according to a BDC statement.

The project targets young graduates in agricultural engineering and job seekers looking for opportunities to develop their projects in the hydroponics sector.

As part of the implementation process, the Azem project team is responsible for procuring and providing the necessary equipment and training. Madaba Governorate in turn provided land for the project center, as well as water and electricity services and infrastructure services.

The Keys to Sustainable Development technical partner will support agricultural entrepreneurs in the business park to market their products through a marketing platform.

CDB Director General Ghaleb Hijazi said, “This initiative is a pioneering experiment for a new model of productive eco-business park that could be exported to other governorates and create income opportunities for young people. .

He also expressed his gratitude for the financial support from UNICEF.

Ahmad Barakat Al Zuhair, Chairman of the Greater Madaba Municipality Committee, said, “The municipality will be a real supporter of the success of this initiative, as such projects will positively affect the incomes of all the families of the participants.

Thabit Al Nabulsi, Founder of Keys for Sustainable Development, said, “This project aims to train newly graduated agricultural engineers and raise awareness in local communities on the inclusion of women in the labor market through aquaculture.

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